New York Shopping Haul

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Hands down New York is one of my favorite cities to visit. I have been fortunate to travel there quite often over the last few years. I’ve never experienced the same thing twice! That is the beauty of New York, it offers endless fun and discoveries. Of course being the spendy spenderson that I am I get into a bit of trouble shopping in the big apple. Can you blame me? New York is the fashion hub of the world! Not only do I return with the usual shopping bags, but I also come home with inspiration.  There are so many different styles going on in New York. It’s almost as if anything goes! If you have the confidence wear it! The people of this city definitely express themselves through fashion. I love it! It’s always fun to explore new trends and step out of your style comfort zone! 


One thing I noticed on this trip was basics still trump all. Keep it simple. A lot of t-shirts going on, but they are paired with a fabulous bag or a unique pair of sunglasses. The other thing I noticed is the mixing of textures. While on a rooftop bar I saw a woman in a beautiful tailored blazer paired with ripped jeans and classic Chanel heels. It just worked.   


Here are my favorite items from this last trip. I gave a lot of attention to Rebecca Minkoff. I was introduced to this designer earlier this year when I fell in love with a white leather tote bag and just couldn’t leave the store without it. I love her style. It’s sophicated with an edge.  She brings the fun! I purchased two clutch bags, an artsy sheer blouse and pair of neutral sandals. That envelope clutch though! I’ve had my eye on that for a little while and was delighted to find in my favorite color blue! The other items are from my staple Zara. I wish I could buy the whole store! Zara has been dominating my wardrobe these days. The price points are great and the quality is pretty darn good too. How about those fringe heels? Can’t wait to rock these this summer! They are sexy and will go with everything! The gray pants had a fun textured detail on the knee. I’m looking forward to wearing them casually and dressing them up as well. Lastly I couldn’t pass up the adorable t-shirt with the beaded polka dots. I thought this will look cute on its own or underneath a blazer or sweater. 

All and all a successful trip from the eats to walking the many streets, New York will always be my favorite place to meet! 




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